Sugaring: not as sweet as it sounds

I want to talk about my experience sugaring my legs. I wanted to do this for two reasons

a) I had all the ingredients on hand (and not in the way women have cheesecloth or beeswax pellets on hand)

b) it was supposed to cost 2$, and be better and less painful than waxing


Any reason not to work that hard on myself is welcome!

So, let’s get down to it.

I got my original tutorial here. I have a few comments:

I enjoy reading evaluations of pain. I thought waxing was about the most painful and useless thing I had ever endured, as for some reason it grew back maybe two days slower than shaving for me. Sugaring was touted as ‘not as painful as waxing’. Vague, non?

They make a distinction between sugaring ‘paste’ and ‘sugaring ‘gel’, noting that sugaring paste can be done on hair that is quite a bit shorter. They also claim this is somewhat easier, to which I call bullshit. I found it nearly impossible. Here are the tips I have for using the sugaring gel:

The site advertises special muslin rectangles, but I just cut up an old top and it worked fine. I would advise you to do it before hand, however. Rectangles about 15cmx20cm worked best for me.

Secondly, you need to keep the wax warm. O